An IQAC has produced a perspective plan that considers important factors such as the stakeholders, workings, and structure of the system. This strategic plan will serve as the committees’ guide, and the decentralized committees will have to work hard to accomplish the objectives listed in it. The entire process is based on a participative approach, wherein decentralized committees, faculty members, and other stakeholders work together to create plans and make sure they are carried out effectively.

The synopsis is given below:

  • Encourage alumni to get more involved.
  • Enhance the Research Cultural diversity.
  • Increasing business involvement.
  • Modernizing international support systems.
  • Industry-focused curricula coupled with academic autonomy.
  • Boost communication among the community.
  • A varied educational atmosphere for pupils.


• To get NAAC Accreditation.
• To get Collaboration with foreign industries.
• Increase the number of papers published in international as well as national journals, as well as patents.
• The students are inspired to take part in NPTEL.
• To achieve several MOUs on a global scale.
• Achieving a solid placement history.
• To maintain a consistent high standard of academic performance with perfect scores.
• To get NBA accreditation for all Departments.


• To obtain high rank in NIRF ranking.
• To get Anna University recognized research centers.
• To inculcate an efficient and learner-centered teaching and learning process.
• Introduction of Additional Divisions.
• Expanding international partnerships and exchange programs to promote global awareness and collaboration.