Academic Year 2022-2023 Academic and Administrative Committee (2022-2023)

S.No. Name of the Committee Coordinator Contact No. Link Page
1 YRC/NSS Mr.S.Karupaswamy AP (MECH)
2 IQAC Dr.S.Pushparani, ASP(CSE),
Mr.S.Anand, ASP(Mech)
3 Placement cell Mr.B.T.Maran, HOD(P&T)
4 ED cell Mr.R.Nirmal Kumar, AP(MBA)
5 IIIC Mr.Uma Chakravarthy, HOD(B.Arch)
6 ICC Dr.V.Sumithra, AP(Chem)
7 R&D & Consultancy cell Dr.S.Rajesh, ASP(Mech),
Dr.S.Muruganatham, ASP(Phy)
8 Anti ragging cell Ms.Padmavathy, AP(B.Arch)
9 Counseling / Mentoring & GRC Ms.Joohi Bansal, Prof(B.Arch)
10 Admission cell Dr.Jayavel, HOD(S&H)
11 Exam cell Mr.G.Venkatesan, HOD(EIE)
12 Sports & Games cell Mr.S.M.Sivaraman, HOD(ECE)
13 Cultural committee Ms.S.Violet, AP(CSE)
14 Transport cell Mr.R.S.Muralidharan, HOD(Civil),
Ms.Ramadevi, ASP(Civil)
15 Alumini coordination cell Mr.Bhuvanapiriyan, AP(EEE)
16 Library committee Mr.T.S.Vanamamalai, NT(Lib)
17 ICT committee / IT Infrastructure Ms.D.Sudha, HOD(CSE)
18 Purchase and Finance Ms.S.R.Kalaiarasi, HOD(MBA)
19 College maintenance committee Mr.R.S.Muralidharan, HOD(Civil),
Ms.Ramadevi, ASP(Civil)
20 Teaching Learning Dr.N.Naga Saranya, HOD(MCA)
21 Faculty Welfare / GRC Dr.V.Srividya, HOD(EE)
22 ST, Minorirty, OBC Cell Mr.Jeyaprakash AP (PHY)