Project Description

The Deparment of mechanical Engineering is one of the premier department in the college. The department has well experienced faculty with proven skills and managerial accumen. The department also carries out industry consulting services from a variety of industries. Mechanical Engineering is the career center on creating technologies to meet a wide range of human needs.
Mechanical Engineers work with all walks of life and constitute typically the following task :
Understand real – time problems in depth, analyze and provide viable solution for the problems in the field of manufacturing, thermal and allied fields using modern tools such as 2D,3D modeling, solid modeling , CAD, CAE, FEA , CIM are the major technological tools widely used to provide the optimal solution for the real time problems of the industry.In addition, the tools such as (PLM) Product Lifecycle Management is practiced in modern industries in order to manage the entire lifecycle of the product.
Mechanical Engineering Department mold the students to work in following categories
1) In core sectors such as Steel industries, Oil and gas industries, manufacturing sectors and Design sectors etc.,
2) In private sectors as business developement Associates, Content Development manager, Financial advisors etc.,
3) It also provides the opportunities and eligibility to write UPSC – IES, PSU such as Railways, Airport Authorities of India, ONGC and petroleum products etc.,


Faculty List



Associate Professor

Dr.C.Ramesh Kumar 
Dr.Babu R

Assistant Professor

Mr.Anand S
Dr.C.B. Sekar
Mr.Steephen C
Mr.E.Navaneetha Krishnan



Phone -   9150762496

1) Being a leader in high-tech education and research by providing modern facilities to transform learners into global contributors and achievers.
2) Excel in the emerging areas of mechanical engineering by providing students with the knowledge, relevant practices and human values to transform students into potential resources to meet the needs of businesses and society in order to sustain sustainable production activities.
1. Improve the technical knowledge of students, faculty and support staff by providing quality education that includes the latest technological advancements by continuously improving the educational infrastructure, which facilitates technical assistance to industry and community needs.
2. Students need basic training in mechanical engineering related tools.
3. Continually improve the research facility and provide an optimal environment that leads to continuous learning, development and knowledge transfer. To promote student minds on professional ethics, human values and environmental issues in engineering.

Work productively as successful IT professionals in diverse career paths including supportive and leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams or be active in higher studies.

Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Engineering Fundamentals and an Engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.