The Department of Science & Humanities  vertebrae of the entire engineering education process exist right from the inception of the college (2001) and is efficiently supporting the engineering Departments by providing high quality of training in basic sciences. This Department consist of faculty from the disciplines of athematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. Faculty members possess the ability and talent to be  eal mentors and counsellors to the students. Almost all the staff members in thisDepartment are well experienced and working in this  reputed institution for many years. In addition, over the years, this is the only Department that has the highest number of Doctorates with specialization in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Faculty Profile

Assistant Professor

Mr.Sadeesh Kumar
Mr.Rajkumar M

Department of Mathematics was established with vision to foster innovative ideas and research among the students and faculty members. It provides a platform to explore new horizons in the world of science. The department consists of faculty members possess the ability and talent to be ideal mentors and counselor’s to the students. They create the spark in students to learn more and more.

Our department enthusiastically initiates young minds to pursue a career in advanced areas of Mathematics and its Applications, enhancing quantitative reasoning and employability skills.The learning process is conducted in a manner which interests students and opens their mind to explorations in the subject through the way of guest lectures,quiz and seminar.The Department also aims to instill in each student a capability to solve meaningful problems in the service of humanity.

Faculty List


Dr.Mohammed Jayavuthin Riyas

Associate Professor


Assistant Professor

Dr. Usha Rani R

Ms. Umamaheswari V  

Ms. Susila G 

Ms. Maybellsheela K 

 Ms. Gowthami B 

Ms. Aarthy Aanjala




Dr.Selvi S 

The Department of English with a team of 4 highly qualified and dedicated members of faculty strives to be an active and supportive community of teaching and learning. The department aims at empowering the technocrats in acquiring proficiency in the English language for specific purposes and to produce competent and confident individuals in global arena.

     It provides the opportunity to hone the students’ writing skills, sharpen their ability to process and analyze complex texts, deepen their understanding of cultural and material history and stimulate their imagination. It helps the students overcome the communication barriers and it equip the students with powerful vocabulary and everyday expression  It aims at building self-confidence in the students and improving their communication skills and interpersonal skills of the budding engineers.

     As Department of English, it is incumbent upon us to help students discover the astonishing power of the English Language and it is our bounded duty to play a pivotal role in developing the four skills of English language among the students of Engineering and Technology.

Faculty List

Associate Professor


Assistant Professor

Ms. Ramya R 
Ms. Ambika K 
Mr. Mohamed Anwarullah A

The Department of Physics at Meenakshi College of Engineering established in 2001 have 4 faculty with expertise in various discipline of physics. Teaching and training the students in physics concepts is vision of the department. The major goal is to impart high quality education in physics and to promote creative activities among students. Presently there are 4Teaching Faculty and 2 Non-Teaching Faculty in the department. The department has excellent laboratory facilities for under graduate students.

            Research in the Department is being pursued in the areas of energy storage applications and medical applications of non-materials. Two projects proposals have been submitted for SERB[DST]. Department faculty has published 6 internationals papers, 4 conference papers and 3 papers have been communicated.

Faculty List


Dr.Chandra Mohan

Associate Professor

Dr. Poovizhi P N 
Dr. Muruganandam S

Assistant Professor

Ms. Anuradha P 
 Mr. Jayaprakash N 

The Department of Chemistry with all its amenities and good infrastructure caters to the basic foundation course of B.E. and B.Tech. students. The Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with specialization in various fields of chemistry with rich experience. At present, the Department consists of 4 teaching staff and 2 non-teaching staff. All of them are Ph.D. scholars in various area of specialization in Chemistry. Our faculty members have published many papers in peer reviewed / UGC listed journals which pay to their credentials.


As a recognized Department of Anna University, the Department has a well-established laboratory which can accommodate thirty students at a time. A good number of sophisticated instruments form a part of the chemistry laboratory.

Faculty List

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jayavel M 
Dr. Parkavi R 
Dr. Sumithra V 
Dr. Lakshmi K 



Dr. M. Jayavel M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D., PGDCA


  • To be recognized as a leader in education of computer applications, research and the relevance of expertise to the benefit of the humanity globally.
  • To deliver quality education that yields software professionals for the benefit of the society locally and globally.
  • To excel as a center of excellence in the research and development of computer applications.
  • To equip the students with adequate skills and knowledge in thrust areas with emphasis on career development.

• Extracting strong technical aptitude and logical reasoning to build software products for the upliftment of the Industry
• Applying expertise in domain knowledge with the blend of leadership qualities and team membership in resolving critical problems
• Diligently analyze, design, develop and maintain modern tools and techniques for the benefit of the society.
• Evolve in their professional career, with the catalyst of self motivation and professional ethics.