Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

EIE program prepares graduates who

  •  Will have a sound knowledge base and skill sets to develop and expand professional careers in fields related to measurement and instrumentation technologies, process modeling and simulation, computer-based control systems, and industrial processes automation.
  •  Will have all-round individuals with strong interpersonal skills, competent in communication and presentation, able to work in team environments, and possess a strong sense of professionalism.
  •  Will have an aptitude for engineering applications and immediately be productive in the workplace after graduation and be committed to professional development and lifelong learning.


  •  To be globally known, committed for its academic excellence, professionalism and societal expectations.


  •  Prepare the students to have a very good fundamental knowledge to meet the present and future needs of industries.
  •  Improve the technical knowledge of the students in tune with the current requirements through collaboration with industries and research organization.
  •  Make the students gain enough knowledge in various aspects of system integration.

Motivate the students to take up jobs in National Laboratories and Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering core industries.

Year/Sem : IV/VIII

Acadamic Year: 2016-2017

SI.No Project Title
1 Reliability Improvement of Reciprocating High Pressure Compressor (CPCL)
2 IOT Based Irrigation & Tank Monitoring System
3 Biomedical Based Embedded System
4 Instrumentation using PLC (CPCL)
5 Corrosion Inhibiter in Cooling Tower Wi-Fi Module using Microcontroller
6 Microwave Life Detecting System
7 A Novel High Performance HF Life cycle Detect Module
8 Universal Dry Block Calibrator (NAGMAN INSTRUMENTS)
9 Traffic Management and Safety using Li-Fi Based Signaling System
10 Development of Multiple Keys RF-ID Reader (IGCAR)
11 Eye Motion Based Controlled Wheel Chair using IR Sensor Pipeline Inspection Robot
12 Automatic Purchase System with RFID + LI-FI